Sunday, December 7, 2008

My wasted day

So I paid $30 to get a table at a craft fair at my daughters school. I wasn't allowed to promote the business I actually sell for, though because they were only allowing 1 consultant per company at the show. I set my table up as hand made crafts instead. I created handmade cards (see my created from the heart blog) and boxed mixes for cookies, hot chocolate and soups. I had 3 times as many cards actually done, but I was told by the person who set up the craft show that any customers interesed in purchasing the products instead of the cards had to be referred to the consultant who was there, and that didn't make good business sense to me. So I made all new cards using products from wherever I found stuff I liked. I need to finish posting them to my card blog.

I also had boxed soup mixes, cookie mixes, brownie mixes, scone mixes, and hot cocoa mix. The best seller for the day of those was my chocolate mint brownie mix. I sold 2.

For the whole day I made all of $36. So horray I paid for my table, but that is about it. My best deal of the day was actually a trade. There was a consultant for a company called Mona Vie behind me, and she asked to trade several of the boxed mixes I made for a bottle of her product.

The gal who ran the whole thing came up asking what a great day I had and I told her straight out that I wasted $30 plus all the cost of products to create the mixes. Granted the mixes can now be used for gifts for co workers and what not, but I had more people come up and look at my cards and say "How cute, I will have to go home and make one like that!" then I did actually look at them.

Irony of irony for the day was that the doorprize I gave away was won by my competetor for Close to my Heart.