Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cool tutorial site

I found a great site called Hummies world and it has PSE tutorials. Tried to watch them, but you have to join the site. So I am now a member of ANOTHER board. lol And my list of places to go just gets longer and longer! lol

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Scrappin the music

There is a really cute site I was recently introduced to called Scrappin' the music. I added it to my list of sites to check out as soon as I visited it.

Anywho. This week they posted a challenge to use the song "The story" by Brandi Carlile. I had never heard the song before. But the lyrics were great!!

So off I went looking for a photo. I kept looking for one of my Grandfather, but never found one that suited me. In the process I came across a photo my mom had taken of me 6 days overdue with my son. It struck a profound cord with me and I had to scrap it! I am loving the way my page ended up, even if I do say so myself!!

I used the Tristans Room kit from K-Joi studios again.


K-Joi Studio

I am now a studio Diva at K-Joi studios!! I tried to put my new blinkie in this post but it isn't working. Sorry. I will try to get it in my sidebar soon.