Friday, March 21, 2008

Over Spring Break

Not even lunch time on the first day of Spring break and I am ready to be done!! In fact it isn't even 10 am yet!!

This is going to be a long 10 days!!

I thought I would enjoy it more since Katie is home and can help me with the dependent boy. No. She doesn't want to. I have to actually fight with her about it! Think I am going to have to start a consequence for every no she gives me. She turns 11 on Sunday. She is old enough to not be arguing every time I ask her to do something. What kills me is that me asking her to do things is not new. It is like age is corrupting her. I am dreading he becoming a teen now!!

I guess the consequences this week could be applied to her birthday party next week. Right now the plan is to have 8 girls over for a "late night" to do girly things like hair and painting nails. They are going to make their own bath salts and lip glosses and things like that. As well as making the birthday cupcakes and frosting their own. Or I could just decide that she doesn't get any birthday presents on her actual birthday Sunday and has to wait until the party to open them!!

Since her birthday falls on Easter Sunday this year (which won't happen again until she is 100 from what something my mom read says) We decided that instead of just handing her the presents, she is going to get 1 easter egg with a piece of candy in it and it has a clue in it for finding the next egg and so on until she has 11 eggs. With all 11 eggs she will have the clue she needs to find her presents and her easter basket. I am still working out the details. But it should be loads of fun watching her try!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Street Sisters

How much fun is this. One of the members on my favorite site, Scrapstreet, thought it would be fun to mimic the At&T commercial with the monkey that the little girl slipped into her dads suitcase. Instead of a Monkey, we have a pair of gals traveling by way of their own private USPS box.

The rules are :

-Our two girls start out with a random sister's name from the "box"...

-Once you receive them, you will find a couple things inside their "train car".

-You will find our adventurers, two boxes and possibly a gift!

-Out of these two boxes, you will take one envelope (so two total).

-The first envelope will contain your photo dare...this could be ANYWHERE or doing ANYTHING!

-The second envelope will contain the name of the next gal you will be sending it to!

So my house was stop 2. We have yet to get to our photo shoot, but whe have made a plan. I got a photo of the planning session.


There are more photos to come!! Share soon!

And I have to say Thank you to Janneke, who sent the girls to me. She sent me some fun chipboard shapes from Bo Bunny and really cool window cards by Petaloo. I need to go shop for some goodies for the next gal!! I wanted to see who I was sending to before I shopped. That is the fun part anyways! Ahopping for someone else!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I did it

I signed up for myspace. If you gals have an account, look me up and send me an email. I will add you to my list of friends. I made my thing private so only friends get to view it.

DST Gallery Standouts

Leigh posted my layout at Digi Shop Talk. Here is the link to check it out.

It is the same layout as I posted here on my blog this morning, but still fun to share when someone highlights it!! Thanks for the love Leigh!! I am definately going to play with the sketch more!!

A challenge!

I saw this challenge to use a template and scrap a photo of the "love of my life", the template totally appealed to my mojo the moment I saw it and I had a page done in no time (less than an hour after I downloaded the template!!)

The photo is one my mom took when she and my dad came to visit in Feb. The digi kit is part of a Creative Team appreciation kit from Digi shop talk and the template is from this blog and Leighs blog in my list of friends.

Go check it out this week if you get a chance!!


Monday, March 17, 2008

I apologize

I am reorganizing my photobucket account so things are easier to find. I had everything in one folder, but now I have a separate folder for photos, digi pages, blinkies, ect and so it is messing up all my links to the blog and what not. They will get fixed but it is going to take a little bit of time so hang in there.

Been a few days.

What a weekend. Migraine, hubby at work all day Saturday. And then just sheer exhaustion on Sunday. If we hadn't had people come over on Sunday afternoon, I probably wouldn't have gotten out of my p.j.s all weekend!

But I did manage to do a few digi pages on Saturday!!

So this first page is with The new Forget me not Kit from Designs by Shelle. I LOVE it. I need to make up a sketch for the lo.


The next one was based on a sketch posted at Scrap Street for the Holi Festival Crop this weekend, but I kinda went my own direction instead of following the sketch! The kit is called Oriental Flair and is also from Designs by Shelle. The photo is from his trip to Hawaii WITHOUT ME. He got some great shots of the hula dancers.


This last one uses a Creative Team appreciation kit Shelle sent me a link for. It is a collabrative kit from a bunch of Designers at Digi Shop talk. Old pictures I never scrapped. The kit was the perfect color to complement the photos!!