Saturday, March 8, 2008

I found the perfect quote to put with that photo of my hubby!!

A friend linked me to a blog called Dogblog. Some hysterical stuff there. I guess this guy just randomly photographs dogs and then posts what he was thinking as he looked at each photo. One had this inscription underneath it.

ShadowDog just wants you to know he's watching you no matter where you go, how safe you think you are, or how far you run. And when you cry out in the night, it is ShadowDog that you see.

So I figure I am going to change all the spots what say ShadowDog to Dan and then send add it to the photographs blank space and we will send it to his mom for her birthday.

He already has all kinds of plans for the picture. He wants to print it out as a whole slough of wallet sizes and leave them in random places around her house for her to find. Just something to make her laugh.

I tell you, my hubby is crazy!! hehe

Dogblog link

Went and scrapbooked a little today

Actually more cards than scrapbook pages. I created 3 cards and started a 4th for the DT I am on. Had to take the kiddos with me to the crop though, and between them and a migraine, I ended up leaving 2 hours early and laying down to try an nap when I got home. Blegh.

I did play with one photo, though. We found this gem as we were flipping through photos the other day. Dan wants to send it to his mom for every holiday. Already have it ready for Mothers day.


Now I am just waiting for pain reliever to kick in while hubby goes to the movies here on base. Luckily the baby fell asleep at 6. Unfortunately that means he will be awake at 10 and want to stay up for a few hours at least!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Sketches and pages

For the GDT spot I was on, I was asked to create a challenge for board members. Since I have a book full of sketches, I shared one. Here is my sketch and the page I created using it.


I used the Tristans room from k-joi studios for this page too.


I also posted a bonus sketch so here it is with my page.


I used The Gypsy kit from Designs by Shelle.


What I was coming to do before I got tagged

I am debating on starting a second blog for Scrapbook pages and sketches. Don't know if I have enough to put into a second blog, though. lol

Here are some recent pages I created. I was asked to be a GDT member at a site called Making Memories for you but for reasons I won't go into, I am not going to finish out the month as a GDT there.

But here are the 3 lo's that I created for their E-zine using a kit from k-joi studio. (see my sidebar for the site addy). The kit is called Tristans Room. It is perfect for the pages I want to get done of Daniel. I am probably going to do a whole newborn album of him with it.



This last page was created from Di Hickmans latest sketch.

She tagged me so now I am tagging you!

Hope I can find 7 gals to tag though. Think she got all the people on my list to tag!! hehe

Seven Random Things About Me.
here how it works:
1. Link to the person that tagged you and leave a comment on their blog, so that their readers can visit yours. Michelle tagged me! Go to It's a dogs world Blog
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And the 7 Random Facts about me
1. I was recently given some green tea with jasmine in it and I FELL IN LOVE, but of course I can't find it here to buy more!! Darn people who bring gifts back from their visits home on leave!!

2. I use perscription toothpaste. lol

3. I buy and read comic books right along with my hubby. But I don't read about superheroes, I read my favorite books that have been turned into comic books. I really like the way the Dragonlance comics have turned out, but I hate the art of the Raymond E. Feist ones. Too much like Anime.

4. Since I have converted to a digital camera, I haven't developed a roll of film. And I have a whole ziplock bag full of disposable cameras full of photos sitting next to me on my desk that need to be developed. EEEEKKKKK!!

5. I would rather watch cartoons all day than watch soap operas. lol Hence the fact that my tv is almost always on Noggin if my hubby isn't home.

6. I still have Christmas decorations floating around my house that didn't make it into the box when I put the rest away.

7. I have tried to be a consultant for 3 different companies, but I hate trying to sell things to people.

So people I am tagging are:

Mirelle -
Leigh -
Jen -
Dee -
Denean -
April -
Di -

I hope that I managed to get people who hadn't been tagged yet.