Friday, February 22, 2008

1 mile and an arm workout

That is what I am calling it and you can't tell me different!!

Dan says I have delusions of grandure. I just laugh and say no, I was crazy!

So here is how it went, time to walk to school. Can't leave the boston terrier I am puppy sitting home alone because he chews things up. Plus another friend dropped off her Westie for the weekend cause she, her hubby, and my hubby are off to California Speedway to do something or other for the race this weekend. And the Boston thinks he needs to show his dominance to the Westie. So I told the girls to put leashes on the dogs and we could walk them over there, and it wouldn't be too hard for me to walk them back. I can just strap the leashes to the stroller and away we go. Unfortunately if Roman sees a leash he needs to go too.

SO Katie walked the Boston, I walked Roman and Laura walked the Westie. Of course Laura doesn't understand that SHE IS STRONGER THAN THE WESTIE! And so she went barreling off with the dog down the sidewalk. Roman is yelping every time I give even a gentle tug on his collar. He wears a pinch collar rather than a choke chain. It pinches when you pull it too hard. I wasn't pulling, though, he was. Katie offered to walk him instead since he is used to her walking him. So we swap dogs and I have one attached to the side of the stroller. Goes smoothly.

Get to the school and I have to take the dogs back home. I take the Westie from Laura and attach his leash to the other side of the stroller. Then I take Roman. Kids begin to walk away, dogs start pulling the stroller after them. What a perfect pair of sled dogs these 2 woulda made. But I put the brake on. Let the girls get across and try to start walking away. Dogs step on dogs, dogs under stroller. Major mess! So I move the 2 little dogs onto one side, cinch up Romans leash so he is walking just at my hip. Try again. Little dogs are twisting up leashes trying to walk further from the stroller than the other. Stop again and cinch up leashes.

Once we made it to the corner before my house they were all walking very nicely so I decided that we should keep going. Bu the next stop sign they were still going well, but the sky was getting black. By the time I got back around to the corner in front again of my house my shoulders were beginning to burn with the strain of bracing myself against the tugging that happened every time they saw or heard another dog along the walk as well as the constant tree watering. So much for drinking my tea while I walked.

But now they are all sitting happily on the floor with a rawhide chew. Not trying to dominate anyone else, not racing circles around my kitchen. I could happily have 3 dogs if they were all like this!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Back to my regularly schedualed

fitness that is. lol I got my walk in finally. I had company on Monday, was too tired on tuesday and it rained yesterday. But I went today. Felt good, but I am REALLY tired now. Now I have to go sit on my butt and get my DT projects finished!! Post them soon!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I am not sure what is going on with my blog right now. My playlist is stopping and starting, I can't click on anything in my right hand column, I can't get the image blinkies to act as links, I got an email from one of my friends that she couldn't leave a comment.

Anyone else having problems? Email me.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Birthday boy (only a week late!)

We did Daniels first birthday party on the 9th of Feb. But I forgot to post my pictures!! So here they are. He was too tired and had a belly full of pasta so all he really did was smash the cake an drop if on the ground. So glad I only got a 4x6 cake for him!! Plus the poor boy ran a temp all that day and for the next 3. I think he was cutting teeth.



But I have to say it was a great day to spend outside. I think it was actually almost 70 out!! It was perfect for picnicing with friends outside. Even my husband said he wished we did that more as we were leaving. Maybe we will have to arrange to have a few picnics in the part "just because"

Gone again

My parents left this morning. Only 6 months till we get to see them again. Better than the year since last time we saw them!! It was a nice visit, though, I have to say. Usually they show up on a monday and so they are ready to leave the next day because kiddos are in school, but this time it worked out perfectly that they arrived at dinner time on Friday night and stayed until just before school started this morning. Can't say we did a ton, but we did go and visit Jaliama beach just down the coast from us, and then we did breakfast yesterday morning. The rest of the time we just hung out here at the house playing games with the kids and chasing baby boy around. Considering they haven't seen him since he was 3 days old, he was a real show stopper!

Here is the family pic from the beach on Sunday afternoon. It was not the best day for visiting the beach. I am so glad I dressed everyone with sweaters and pants instead of shorts so the girls could wade. The wind was COLD!!


Still it was loads of fun. My dad climbed over the rocks and kept pointing out starfish to the girls in the tide pools there. Laura found one too. She was so proud she found one that grampa hadn't! lol


When I finally got the kiddos to play on the beach I managed to get this great photo of my parents. My mom really hates to have her photo taken because of the nerve damage to her face from a surgery several years ago. So I was pleased that she liked this photo of them together. I wish I was able to capture more images of them, but she just looks at most pictures and complains about how old she looks. Makes me depressed for her.


I did sneak a few other photos of her, though. It was a definate sneak though, most of the time. Just like this one of her with Daniel.


Dad, on the other hand, was not hard to take pictures of when he was actuallyhere at the house. But he usually went out galavanting for an hour or 2cause the man can't sit still to save his life!


Monday, February 18, 2008


My parents are so predictably unpredictable. Last Sunday they said they would probably not leave their house to come and visit here for another week or 2. The weather was just too severe. They had white out conditions and what not. The next day I called to ask my mom a question and get the answering machine. So I call their cell and find out that they are in Indiana getting a trailer to tow out to Fresno! (Dad is retired and tows trailers just for something to do cause he can't sit still for 5 minutes. lol) They pulled the trailer through Chicago on Monday, to Oklahoma city on Tuesday and through texas on Wed. Thursday they crossed Az and made it 150 miles into Cali. Friday they made Fresno and turned around and drove down to my house for dinner. So can I use their visit for not checking in here with my skinny gals? They are leaving tomarrow. So I will be getting back to my regularly schedualed programming. lol Until tomarrow gals!!