Tuesday, June 17, 2008

No girls!

I sent my girls off to visit with my hubbys father for a few weeks. 3 to be exact. It is a strange thing to have them gone. I still have the baby here, but it isn't the same. Since they have been gone I haven't had as much time on the computer as I would like. Only 1 or 2 digi pages done lately. It is so frustrating when I have a new CT to create for as well as pages to finish for old ct's that I am on.

They are having a great time in AZ, though. My oldest even went and got her ears pierced this afternoon. She has been debating on it for a while now, but I guess grandma talked her into doing it. She is excited because they will heal just in time for her to wear the earings that my sister bought her for the wedding in August.

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