Friday, April 18, 2008

Its the final round

And while technically I am not in the running for the grand prize anymore, I can still earn a spot on the mag staff by playing along. And playing along I am. The final challenge is to post a challenge for other people to complete.

Here are the exact details of our challenge:
First, decide on your challenge. Type up a paragraph and post it in the Challenge Child Board. Make it sound fun! Now you need to find at least one scrapper who will take your challenge and finish the item you requested by Friday at 6pm. Oh—and, of course, you need to scrap it the best you can as well. It may be digi, hybrid, or traditional. Please post your layout by 6pm by the street clock on Friday, April 25.

I am challenging people to use this sketch! I am a sketch addict. I have a folder with several hundred that I am in the process of converting over to templates, in fact, so it was difficult to choose just one for this challenge!


When you sketch is complete please post it here:
with the title Challenge created for anabellpepper: title


Hummie said...

Is this just a sketch or a layer template? I don't see a download link.

IT looks great though!

Anonymous said...

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