Friday, March 7, 2008

She tagged me so now I am tagging you!

Hope I can find 7 gals to tag though. Think she got all the people on my list to tag!! hehe

Seven Random Things About Me.
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And the 7 Random Facts about me
1. I was recently given some green tea with jasmine in it and I FELL IN LOVE, but of course I can't find it here to buy more!! Darn people who bring gifts back from their visits home on leave!!

2. I use perscription toothpaste. lol

3. I buy and read comic books right along with my hubby. But I don't read about superheroes, I read my favorite books that have been turned into comic books. I really like the way the Dragonlance comics have turned out, but I hate the art of the Raymond E. Feist ones. Too much like Anime.

4. Since I have converted to a digital camera, I haven't developed a roll of film. And I have a whole ziplock bag full of disposable cameras full of photos sitting next to me on my desk that need to be developed. EEEEKKKKK!!

5. I would rather watch cartoons all day than watch soap operas. lol Hence the fact that my tv is almost always on Noggin if my hubby isn't home.

6. I still have Christmas decorations floating around my house that didn't make it into the box when I put the rest away.

7. I have tried to be a consultant for 3 different companies, but I hate trying to sell things to people.

So people I am tagging are:

Mirelle -
Leigh -
Jen -
Dee -
Denean -
April -
Di -

I hope that I managed to get people who hadn't been tagged yet.

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