Friday, March 21, 2008

Over Spring Break

Not even lunch time on the first day of Spring break and I am ready to be done!! In fact it isn't even 10 am yet!!

This is going to be a long 10 days!!

I thought I would enjoy it more since Katie is home and can help me with the dependent boy. No. She doesn't want to. I have to actually fight with her about it! Think I am going to have to start a consequence for every no she gives me. She turns 11 on Sunday. She is old enough to not be arguing every time I ask her to do something. What kills me is that me asking her to do things is not new. It is like age is corrupting her. I am dreading he becoming a teen now!!

I guess the consequences this week could be applied to her birthday party next week. Right now the plan is to have 8 girls over for a "late night" to do girly things like hair and painting nails. They are going to make their own bath salts and lip glosses and things like that. As well as making the birthday cupcakes and frosting their own. Or I could just decide that she doesn't get any birthday presents on her actual birthday Sunday and has to wait until the party to open them!!

Since her birthday falls on Easter Sunday this year (which won't happen again until she is 100 from what something my mom read says) We decided that instead of just handing her the presents, she is going to get 1 easter egg with a piece of candy in it and it has a clue in it for finding the next egg and so on until she has 11 eggs. With all 11 eggs she will have the clue she needs to find her presents and her easter basket. I am still working out the details. But it should be loads of fun watching her try!!

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Mireille said...

just wanted to wish you a very happy Easter...
enjoy it with your beautiful family!