Saturday, March 8, 2008

I found the perfect quote to put with that photo of my hubby!!

A friend linked me to a blog called Dogblog. Some hysterical stuff there. I guess this guy just randomly photographs dogs and then posts what he was thinking as he looked at each photo. One had this inscription underneath it.

ShadowDog just wants you to know he's watching you no matter where you go, how safe you think you are, or how far you run. And when you cry out in the night, it is ShadowDog that you see.

So I figure I am going to change all the spots what say ShadowDog to Dan and then send add it to the photographs blank space and we will send it to his mom for her birthday.

He already has all kinds of plans for the picture. He wants to print it out as a whole slough of wallet sizes and leave them in random places around her house for her to find. Just something to make her laugh.

I tell you, my hubby is crazy!! hehe

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