Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cut me a break!

So last weekend was a crop weekend for me here at the base. Been on the calendar for almost a month. On Friday my hubby told me that he had decided he really ought to help his troop move. **sigh** So I took all 3 kids with me to the crop with the promise that he would come get them around noon. Noon came and went and no pickup. Called and no answer. Get a call back. Oh, we are just getting started loading the truck. WHAT!?! And then he calls back to tell me that he probably won't be home until at least 5. That is when the crop ends. I ended up leaving at 2:30 since baby was tired of the play pen but I couldn't let him just roam and my oldest was totally not interested in even remotely trying to help me out.

Hubby came home and says he "owes" me. Promised to let me play this weekend with the online crop at Scrap street. Came home today and told me that he has to go in to work on Sat since the work they were supposed to do today got cancled.

Can't win can I?


The Wuthrich Family said...

{Lisa} darn! that stinks! Hopefully when the baby is sleeping you can jump on the crop this weekend! I know I am looking forward to it :)

Ambearluv said...

Well that totally stinks... does he owe you like doubly now!!!! :) Hope you can at least squeak a few minutes of scrap time in.