Friday, February 29, 2008

Three sides to a fence

And even though it doesn't apply to me anymore in the sense that I got out of the military in 1999, it still hit home and I TOTALLY wanna use it on a scrapbook page!!
The gal that wrote it is a friend. She emailed it to my hubby.

I am an Airman
I am a wife
I am a mommy
Sometimes I am even Daddy

I have many priorities in my life
They are all number one
I wear boots to work
Not the stiletto heel type, the combat type
I don't have to pick out what I am going to wear to "the office"
My camoflauge is just right

During my nine-to-five
I do as expected and told
I turn wrenches, carry a weapon
On Saturday night I wear lipstick and high heels

I am grace under pressure
Tough and un-wavering while in uniform
I kiss booboos and sing my child to sleep
And adore my husband - even when he isn't here

When my child says
"My mommy wears combat boots"
I want her to wear a smile
I not only fight for this country
I fight for my child, my family, my marriage, myself

I am an Airman
I am a mommy
I am a wife

By Staff Sgt. Sara Lanchoney, USAF

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