Wednesday, February 13, 2008

So the rest of the day

I have done decently. I did go an easier route with my lunch but what can I say. For my snack I did have the trail mix but I couldn't resist having another slice of banana bread too. It was only about an oz though. My lunch consisted of 1 cup of spagetti with 1 tsp of butter melted on it and a handful of mexical style shredded cheese melted in too. And then to top the whole dish off I had a cup of Cali blend veggies. I fed some of it to the boy though. So I wasn't the only one eating all that.

At 1:45 I made the long and arduous trek back over to the school to pick up Laura. okay, so the walk is less than 1/2 a mile round trip! Still adds to my total milage for the day!

Baby fell asleep again and so it left me with time to try and dress this blog up. But I haven't gotten very far. Photobucket doesn't like what I am trying to do it seems and I am not finding the codes I need at flickr. Think I might just lay down for a nap since baby is sleeping. I need it since I have had no caffeen today and I have been up since 6!!

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