Sunday, February 24, 2008


This was so not the "I can crop on the computer" weekend I thought it was going to be.

Dan went to LA to the Cali Speedway for a race that he was working at. All I know is that he was selling concessions and had to wear a shirt with an AF logo on it. It is something that he is getting paid to do, but it is done for the AF, hence him wearing the shirt.

Well, he went to this event with our friend Jeff and his wife Joline. Since both of them went, I got their dog for the weekend. I mentioned in my last post I attempted to walk all 3 dogs and push the stroller at the same time. I know, CRAZY.

Well one of the 2 little dogs was ever so sweet to deposit a present on my carpet every morning. Blegh. Not sure who did it. I am inclined to think it was the one, but the other shied away from it like he knew he was in trouble for doing it.

And then, Danny was clingy. Everytime I sat down at the computer desk he fussed. I did manage one page on Friday night after he went to bed and 1 page while he napped on Saturday. Luckily I got that one saved before my power flickered off and then back on. It is for the Guest Design Team spot I got for March at Making Memories for you. We are playin with a kit called Tristans Room by Kara Jones (the site is )

I finally got him settled so I could do a little more scrapping and my power TOTALLY flicked off. For 3 hours. **sigh** and of course it happened after 6 so it was already dark. I had to dig out all the candle stick holders I could find, then gate the baby in the living room and keep 3 kids entertained until bed time. Luckily my i-dog and i-pod were close at hand and don't have to be plugged in. We sat and listened to music for most of the evening. Daniel never fell asleep though. But he was out 10 minutes after the power came back on . Go figure!!

Today was much of the same as far as getting on the computer. And speak of the devil...

I hear him crying now!!

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