Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Like the new title?

I felt it was rather fitting since I never seem to just post my paper projects. And I am not one to keep more than 1 blog. It is obvious that i can barely keep up this one!

So my random thought today came with creating my playlist. I was looking through the Sarah McLachlin songs for the Angel song from the movie City of Angels. Found it and started listening to a few others to see if I wanted to include them in my playlist. Well, somehow an Eric Clapton song made it into Sarahs list. It was his song, but it was mismarked. In any case it made me think of his song Tears in heaven. So I decided to go look through his songs. Looking through his songs, I found several that I really like including Wonderful Tonite. I LOVE THIS SONG. But for years now I haven't listened to it because it made me feel a bit guilty. lol Why guilty? Because it was my favorite song in highschool and my boyfriend senior year knew it. He was part of the schools musical group called Fantasia. They were the schools "elite" singers. I never could get in because I never took chorus. lol Anyway, as a suprise for the spring concert. He did a solo and sang it. Every one of my friends knew he was singing it for me. And he had the perfect voice for it. He did an awesome job through the first verse, but then forgot the lines to the second one. ahh well. It is the thought right? He finished it beautifully though. Anywho... a month after graduation I went to my sisters house to help her through the last trimester of pregnancy. While I was there, I came to the realization that he was not the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Upon arriving home, the first thing I did was break it off with him. He wouldn't let me give anything back,hoping it would persuade me to change my mind. I still have the promise ring in my jewelry box,

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erica922 said...

OMG! lOoks amazing, pls tell me how did you did that!!!!????