Monday, February 18, 2008


My parents are so predictably unpredictable. Last Sunday they said they would probably not leave their house to come and visit here for another week or 2. The weather was just too severe. They had white out conditions and what not. The next day I called to ask my mom a question and get the answering machine. So I call their cell and find out that they are in Indiana getting a trailer to tow out to Fresno! (Dad is retired and tows trailers just for something to do cause he can't sit still for 5 minutes. lol) They pulled the trailer through Chicago on Monday, to Oklahoma city on Tuesday and through texas on Wed. Thursday they crossed Az and made it 150 miles into Cali. Friday they made Fresno and turned around and drove down to my house for dinner. So can I use their visit for not checking in here with my skinny gals? They are leaving tomarrow. So I will be getting back to my regularly schedualed programming. lol Until tomarrow gals!!


Spinkeeshy said...

Enjoy your time!

Leigh said...

That is funny! You parents are too cute!