Monday, December 15, 2008

Di Hickman Sketch for December

The past few months have been so hectic that I haven't had time to finish a single sketch for Di. I was so excited to actually finish one this month!! Guess she was too because I swear she sent me another one only a week or so later! haha.

Here is the Decembeer sketch. The kit is from Divine Digital By Royanna. Called Autumn Mist


Sunday, December 7, 2008

My wasted day

So I paid $30 to get a table at a craft fair at my daughters school. I wasn't allowed to promote the business I actually sell for, though because they were only allowing 1 consultant per company at the show. I set my table up as hand made crafts instead. I created handmade cards (see my created from the heart blog) and boxed mixes for cookies, hot chocolate and soups. I had 3 times as many cards actually done, but I was told by the person who set up the craft show that any customers interesed in purchasing the products instead of the cards had to be referred to the consultant who was there, and that didn't make good business sense to me. So I made all new cards using products from wherever I found stuff I liked. I need to finish posting them to my card blog.

I also had boxed soup mixes, cookie mixes, brownie mixes, scone mixes, and hot cocoa mix. The best seller for the day of those was my chocolate mint brownie mix. I sold 2.

For the whole day I made all of $36. So horray I paid for my table, but that is about it. My best deal of the day was actually a trade. There was a consultant for a company called Mona Vie behind me, and she asked to trade several of the boxed mixes I made for a bottle of her product.

The gal who ran the whole thing came up asking what a great day I had and I told her straight out that I wasted $30 plus all the cost of products to create the mixes. Granted the mixes can now be used for gifts for co workers and what not, but I had more people come up and look at my cards and say "How cute, I will have to go home and make one like that!" then I did actually look at them.

Irony of irony for the day was that the doorprize I gave away was won by my competetor for Close to my Heart.

Friday, November 28, 2008


Since I have 5 blogs, I find the this one is very little used. I need to start posting my digi pages again. Once the holiday season is over, I will. Sorry ladies if you have been checking in and I haven't posted. Check out the photography one. I have been putting photos up weekly there for the challenges.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Another of Santas Helpers

This week one of my husbands old commanders passed away. I know I didn't know him all that well, but he was a man who looked after his troops, so in my book a very good man. He had retired, but continued to work for the Military. Participating in squadron events. LAst year he was Santa for the Childrens Christmas Party. Losing him this week has brought to mind the loss of my husbands Step Father. Toms passing was nearly 3 years ago, but it still seems so fresh in our minds at times. And to lose Mr. Browning to Cancer so suddenly just like we lost Tom makes it all the fresher. Mr. Browning was diagnosed not long after the childrens christmas party and so he didn't even make it through a full year. Tom was the same.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yes, I did it

I started another blog. This one is exclusively for photo related stuff. I am calling it 1000 words. Feel free to check it out! I did it since I feel like I can't keep things straight in here. I put so much into one space that it gets all jumbled. I am debating on separating out my CTMH stuff too to make viewing the creations easier for customers.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Close To My heart Christmas cards

These are the first 4 cards for my big workshop this year. Only have to design 6 more. lol But I am excited because I have 3 groups of 4 interested in participating in the workshop! Sounds like I have a full November!!





Saturday, October 25, 2008

Photography challenge blog.

Just a few photos before I have edited them. The first 2 are from a maternity shoot I did for a friend of mine. I love the way these 2 photos came out. Perfect without any editing I think!!



This one is from Soccer this morning. My poor tired boy. lol

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The wedding portraits

I am posting my sisters wedding photos at Flickr for people to view.

I have not started to edit anything yet, but when I do the edited images will be posted there as well.

My gallery at flickr can be found at:

Home at last

3 weeks away seemed like forever and yet it seemed to not be long enough. Not enough time to spend doing the things we wanted to do at least. Michigan was nice since we had no set obligations while we were there. We spent a day at the beach while we were there. Granted it was a beach on Lake Superior, but it was a beach that didn't smell like dead fish, have a strong gusting wind, or huge waves with lurking predators to wonder about. lol

Visiting at my parents was a different story. Mostly enjoyable, but crazy busy. The first 5 days of our trip there were spent dealing with the wedding. And I don't think I really got to sit down and chat with the bride and groom at all during that time. Once the wedding was over they had to go home because they had to be back at work on Monday morning.

The last 4 days with my parents were not as busy, but not as relaxing as the visit to Michigan. I will have pictures and details to share later when I have the baby sleeping and kiddos at school.

Being home is nice but I have to prep the kids to go back to school on Wed of this week. We have no school supplies bought yet. It didn't make sense to buy them and mail them home. I need to do that tomarrow before the jumpstart meeting at the Middle School for my oldest. Plus school uniform shopping. Fun stuff.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Busy busy

It has been a busy summer and it has kept me away from posting very often. I have been working a lot at a new site called SweetScrappinDesign. It was barely open a month when it was nearly closed. Now I am running it! I have lots to learn to keep it running, but I have some great ladies there to help me. The hardest part is that I have only been in charge for a week and in just under a week, I will be flying away from my computer and internet access for 3 weeks. So there are lots of issues that need to be resolved before I leave. Check it out at

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Been busy

Not REALLY busy, but Can't get on the computer busy. Every time I sit down at the computer, my son decides it is time to escape the living room and run through the house, pulling down everything he can get his little hands on. UGH. I can get him totally enthralled in Toy Story (I know all of the lines now since we watch it twice every day!) and still he decides to escape the second my butt hits the chair!! UGH!

Tonite I am finally getting a hour to just sit and enjoy quiet computer time!! horray!! I need to update links in my blog though!! New CT and new people to share the blogs of!! Is it terrible to say I am not motivated to do it though? UGH.

I do wanna share the fun pics I took yesterday. I eventually want to start my on photo studio. Right now, it is a difficult thing to think about, because my house just doesn't have space for a "studio" and I don't have the money to rent space for a studio. Plus, do I really want to start with only photos of my own children? lol I know they are great shots, but I have all the time in the world to catch the images I want. And I can take and take and take and same the ones that aren't total duds. The true test is photographing someone elses kiddos. Especially babies. And I have to say that I think photographing babies is hard. There are so few things that you can actually do with little babies without repeating the same things over and over again. Plus, they get hungry and sleepy so quickly that it is hard to guess how long you are going to have to photograph them before they get fussy.

I have to say that this little angel was an absolute dream to photograph. I took about 70 photos and with a few exceptions, they are all great photos!! The few exceptions are the ones where she decided to move her arms as I took the photo and so I got a blur waving in front of her face. Enhancing these photos was a breeze though. Here are my 3 favorite photos. I turned the one black and white and then put a pink filter on it. Then her mom and I sat and turned them into different options for birth announcments.




Monday, June 23, 2008

And a "GRAND" time will be had by all!

It is the grand opening of an all new digi site!! Check it out!


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Random new pages

Some of these pages were created with older kits from Designs by Shelle as well as her templates. Some are pages I created for challenges at different sites.









K-Joi June Collaboration kit pages

The new collaboration kit from K-joi is a Fathers day kit.




Unposted new pages from Designs by Shelle

Shelle has released several new kits and I have several pages that I was unable to post until the kits were released.

Little Birdie Kit




Mothers Day Kit



Fathers Day Kit


Spring Carnival Kit


No girls!

I sent my girls off to visit with my hubbys father for a few weeks. 3 to be exact. It is a strange thing to have them gone. I still have the baby here, but it isn't the same. Since they have been gone I haven't had as much time on the computer as I would like. Only 1 or 2 digi pages done lately. It is so frustrating when I have a new CT to create for as well as pages to finish for old ct's that I am on.

They are having a great time in AZ, though. My oldest even went and got her ears pierced this afternoon. She has been debating on it for a while now, but I guess grandma talked her into doing it. She is excited because they will heal just in time for her to wear the earings that my sister bought her for the wedding in August.

Friday, June 13, 2008

A New CT

I was invited to join a new CT! I haven't gotten a kit yet, but I will be creating for Jen Smith Designs now along with Designs by Shelle and K-joi.

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Scrap Street E-Zine

Here are links to the may and June issues of the online magazine.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bragg bags

I was at school today and one of the ladies was there with these cute bags. Turns out she makes them and sells them on her own blog. Had to share. They are so cute!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Tagged again!

I got tagged by a gal I CT with at K-Joi studios. Thanks sweetie!! lol

So 7 random things...
1. I had an awesome grilled london broil with rosemary dill potatoes on the side and green beans for Memorial Day lunch. Yummy. Now I am too stuffed to want the apple crisp I was planning to make for dessert, though. We had frozen smores instead!!
2. I love the song Crimson and Clover. lol I hadn't heard it in ages and then I visited the blog that I got tagged from and it was playing on Sarahs blog. lol
3. My hubby let me get a new tamron lense for my camera as my mothers day present.
4. I am bad about buying things for myself. I can never seem to justify getting things I need for me, and instead spend it on things we need for the kids or the house.
5. I hate balancing my checkbook
6. I haven't paper scrapped in over 2 months.
7. I feel guilty when I leave the house alone for more than 2 hours.

So I am going to tag 2 people. Not sure who, though. lol I am thinking my friend Kate and Danielle from another CT I am on.

Directions when you get tagged. Post 7 random things about yourself, then tag 2 people. Let them know they have been tagged and direct them to your blog to find out what to do!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Been a few days

Life has been crazy around here and kept me from really getting online and posting anything. We have had field trips and more field trips, doctor appointments and emergency trips.

In May my hubby had to fly to WI and attend his grandmothers funeral. She had been ill for quite some time, but my mother in law didn't know until days before she passed. He spent a week with his mother and sister and nephew, with one day in Chicago for a memorial service, as well as clearing out her apartment. He brought home an envelope full of photographs that she had of him, his sister, and his parents.

There have been 3 field trips this month between the 2 girls and 2 more in the week to come. Dan is going with Katie on the one trip, but since it is on the same day as the one for Laura, I won't be able to go since I can't get a babysitter. Katie is going to LA to the Natural History Museum, an Aquarium, the La Brea tar pits and someplace else. Laura is going to a Rodeo in Santa Maria.

Other than what has kept me away, there is no really big news in my life. I have been sneaking in scrapping time in the middle of the night when kiddos are asleep and I have finished all the household chores I need done for the day. Makes for some late nights! lol

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Random Challenges

I created several pages using random kits that I have saved. They were done for challenges posted at different sites.

This page is one of my favorites from the weekend. It is a lift of someone elses page. I used a freebie I had picked up at K-joi studios back in March. It is so perfect for this photo of my hubbys nephew.


This page was created with a sketch from Di Hickman. She shared it for National Scrabook day. I used a kit from Janneke Smit that is for sale in the store at

This is another page I created last month with the kit I got from k-joi studios, but I never posted it. The photo is from when my dad helped us move out here to california. The sketch is from stuck sketches blog I believe.

This is a page for the memorial album of my hubbys stepfather. It is one of the photos I took at the graveside. Because he was a retired AF captain, he was given a military burial. It was beautiful. It was the only time we saw it snow the whole time we were home on leave too. The page is made with a conglomeration of kits. The emblem is an image I pulled off the internet and cropped to fit on the page.

This is a page for the wedding album I am creating for our friends Jeff and Joline.
The kit was a freebie from

This page of Katie was just a fun one that I completed with a free kit from handmaiden designs at Scrapstreet for NSD.

Last page!
This is a photo from Lauras birthday party. The page is from the Collaboration kit at k-joi studios.

Wedding pages for my cousin

These pages were created using a Creative Team Appreciation kit from DigiShopTalk. My 1 year anniversary gift to him and his wife will be a finished album (I hope!)
I am leaving spaces for Chrissy to journal if she wants to, hence the empty blocks on some of the pages.




This last page was created using a grab bag that was given out at Digital Freebies for National Scapbook day.


Pages for Designs by Shelle

This first page is with an older kit from Shelle. I love the colors in it though.
I rescrapped a photograph of my daughter with my moms sister. In 2003 she and my mom drove us back to Minot after I had spent a few weeks at home with the family.

The kit is called [url=]Forget me not[/url]

This page is just Danny playing happily on the floor with a puppet that is probably as old as me. I remember it from my childhood. lol

The kit is called [url=]Calm Comfort[/url]

Pages with material from K-joi studios.

All of these pages were created using the [url=]Vintage gentleman kit[/url] created by Fairytale studios. Some of the papers used were created by me using templates from Digital candy and the original papers in the kit.

The sketch templates are part of [url=]Template pack #1[/url] from Fairytale studios as well.

This page is from when we still were living up in the Dakotas. Katies teacher was nice enough to send me a copy of the photos she took on the field trip since I couldn't make it that day.

These photos are of my husbands step father when he was little. My mother in law had scanned them into the computer and so I scrapped them for her.

This is my husbands sisters son. He is such a cutie. We don't get to see him much. I have only gotten to see him twice since he was born and my hubby has seen him 4 times. Dan says he is a great little boy.

Another page of Dans nephew Caden when he was newborn. He had to have his mouth painted with Gentin Violet (sp?) for thrush as a newborn. I left the journaling block mostly empty for my sister in law to write what she wants on the page.

New pages

I am going to separate these into several posts, but these are my latest pages. I did a TON of digi scrapping last week while my hubby was gone for his grandmothers funeral. Part of it was due to the fact that I was handed my dt assignment for one site, and part of it was for National Scrapbook Day challenges posted at a few sites that I play on.

May issue of the ScrapStreet e-zine

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

questions and answers.

A) Four places I go over and over: Crestview School, the Commissary, the base library, the BX
B) Four people who e-mail me regularly: Shelle, Michelle, Chris, and my hubby

C) Four of my favorite places to eat: The Border Grill(in Michigan), The Olive Garden, El Toro Bronco, American Host

D) Four places I would rather be right now: Albion with my family, Minot, Michgan, Alaska

E) Four TV shows I watch over and over: Scrubs, Macgyver, Stargate, CSI

Friday, April 25, 2008

My works from the last 3 challenges of Scrapstreet Star

For Round 3 we were asked to submit 3 cards and a scrapbook page using stars on our page in some way. I had this great photo of a launch Dan was part of and wanted to scrap it for his military album anyways. So DONE. I really like the way the page turned out. The colors play off the colors in the photo really well, I think.


I simply made my cards with my scraps.



Round 4 we were challenged to represent out "style". We had to first create a page and then give a definition to our style. I am all about the paper. I will cut paper, both digital and real, to create the elements I want, rather than pull out the prefab ones, usually. lol So the page I submitted was done digitally, but I still used paper for most of my elements, like the photo corners.


Round 5 was all about inspiring people to do challenges. I created the sketch (which I posted for people who wanted to play) and scrapped a lo with it. Then I completed several challenges posted by other people who are participating in the contest.

My take on the sketch:

My page for keeleyyowler - theme was inspiration from someone elses page. I lifted a page by KarenR in round 1 of the contest.

My page for KarenR - Music as a theme. titles or lyrics

My page for Jorinde- Scrap something fun, or just funny

My page for Beckied - Use a scottish tartan for our color inspiration and then add a scottish quote.

My page for Scrappy_mom_in_MI - Use a soap opera title on our page

My page for Kerns459 - She posted a Helen Keller quote that we read and chose a word from the quote to use on our page. The page was supposed to be about how the quote made us feel.

My page for Kristene - total reversal from our usual scrapping style. This page is a TOTAL deviation from my normal mode of scrapping, and as you can tell by the other pages I completed, this challenge made me reevaluate my scrapping and add things I might not have normally.

My page for Breeze7 - Ad Quote challenge. We were to pick some advertisement slogan, use the logo colors and an image from the logo. I knew as soon as I read her challenge I wanted to scrap these with the Campbells M'm M'm good slogan.

My page for Bugnsamsmom - You are what you read. Use the title of a book you love and your favorite quote from the book.