Monday, September 24, 2007

My next workshop


My next workshop is coming up! The first one was great!! I had 10 people show up and another one that I went to her home since she couldn't make it. I still have supplies for 8 more too! I learned a few things last time around, though and am hoping to have all the kinks worked out for the next one!

Now, I realize that not all of my cards are done in this pic for the next workshop, but I am missing a stamp set and can't finish until I find it! UGH.

I can say, though, that the next workshop is at 2 pm on October 12th in Lompoc at First Southern Baptist Church again. The cost is going to be $8 again.


The Bowers Family said...

This may seem random and you don't know me but I am Alisha Stults cousin. I was just checking out the blogs listed on her new page and I saw your problem. I post a ton of pictures and digi scrap pages. So try picking a different blogger template. The skinny template is what is stopping you from seeing the full image.
Hope this helps,

erica922 said...

wow i love that cards
are they for sale????