Friday, August 10, 2007

Who wants to be a Superhero?

Have you watched this on the Sci Fi channel? If you haven't it is on on Thursday nights at 9 pm. At 8 they play the episode from the previous week in case you missed it. No reality show can ever be as good as the first season IMHO. All the contestants are watchful for the tricks they saw played to the first set of characters. They still get tripped up, though, it can't be helped. It is interesting to watch to say the least. You have to stand true to yourself and to what you believe, though. It may not carry you through to the prize at the end, but you can at least feel good about yourself for holding to what you believe right?

Watching the show now into its second season has made me think about what kind of character I would create as a super hero. What traits to I most admire about the comic heroes available. What can I aspire to, and what traits do I want my children to see in me and emulate? It is a soul searching question to say the least. My husband is the comic guy to say the least. I only know the main credos of a few super heroes and those only because of the movies that have been made of them. Spiderman has been wildly popular since the movie was released but my husband has been a fan since he was a child. He said he felt a kind of kinship to the character because his own father wasn't there to give the guidance a boy needs as he grows up. It makes me reflect on the role models I had in my own life. I was lucky enough to have parents who were there when I needed them. They may not have given me what I wanted all the time, but that is their decision as parents. And reflecting on them makes me go back to that question of am I living up to being the role model that my own children need?

So I ask myself, in creating a super hero what traits do I think need to be the central features? This is definately going to take some thinking to say the least!! It may take me a few days to work through this. More to come later.

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