Friday, August 3, 2007

Kids checkup

Took all 3 kids to the doc yesterday. Girls needed physicals to start soccer in September and Daniel needed his 6 month checkup. It is amazng to me every time we go in how much they grow!! Katie is 5 foot tall and 112lbs already. It shouldn't suprise me so much considering she is one shoe size from wearing my shoes, but it does! Laura was pretty much a pound per inch of height. She is 48 inches and 49 lbs. And then there is the growing baby, Daniel. Babies grow way to fast, so it is no shock to see the change he had in 2 months. He grew another 2 inches to reach 28 1/2 this month and weighed in at 18.4lbs. He as only 15 at his 4 month check up. Need to sit down this weekend and get a new photo of him for his 6 month pic. I will post it soon!

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