Wednesday, August 8, 2007

And my nominees for rockin' girl bloggers are...

Shellie at My scraps of life,
Aka Korin at Inky Doodle,
Anso at Glitter Adventure,
Meredith at All that and a bucket of chicken,
Shellie at Whimical musings,
Michelle at Living life in color,

I love your blogs ladies! I have found something on all of them that totally inspires me. Thank you all so much. For those ladies that I didn't put on this list, it was more due to the fact that you were on Ambers list and I didn't think you would really appreciate doing this all over again! lol


Shelle said...

Thanks bunches, Lisa!! :) I love your pages!


Shellieh said...

ack! ok, I have been tagged too. Good reading Lisa, so I guess I will go work on some random facts. :D
Hey, you got two shellie's in a row here- what are the chances. We even spell our name the same way!

Shellieh said...

ok, I left it once, and it is not showing up, lol.
Love the blog Lisa, now that I have been tagged, I guess I better go post. :D ttys!