Saturday, July 29, 2006

San Diego Trip - Day 1

Every year since we moved to California we have tried to attend the international Comic Con in San Diego. This year was no exception. It is a LONG drive though. We left our house between 5 and 6 am. From the outset my tummy was not feeling well. I have been really lucky with this pregnancy and only been slight queasy at the worst of times. This trip was not going to be so nice. UGH! I was nibbling on saltines before we had even reached the highway. Not a good sign. I did manage to keep from being sick all the way past LA (about 4 to 5 hours into the trip) I think what put me over the edge was accepting a bite of my dh's oatmeal raisin cookie, though. and of course by empting my stomach contents and not immediately putting something dry into it to prevent the bile from building up, again, I was back to that queasy feeling again soon. We were close to our destination, though, so I was soon able to go lay down and rest my stomach. My dh left the room within 20 minutes of our arrival to attend preview night of the convention. He had the wonderful experience of sitting in line for a full 4 hours waiting just to get his id badge for the show!! How fun!
I laied down on the bed in our room but really didn't get any kind of rest as the girls were insistant they need to play with the balcony door. We were on the floor above a patio that receptions were held on. The sun came in our window and it was so hot out that it made our room into a broiler. After about an hour, I finally gave up trying to rest and took the girls on an adventure to explore the mall that was 3 blocks away. We found ourselves a nice healthy lunch of Ben and Jerry's :) and then explored the 4 story outdoor maze. I got ripped off at one of the little kiosk vendors! I was looking for a hair band to keep my younger dd's hair back out of her face and the ladies started putting clips into her hair since they didn't have any bands that would work for the task. I asked "How much?" and was told $20. I said "for each set?" and was told no, total for the 2 sets they had put into my dd's hair. I said okay, kinda expensive but they were the swarkove crystal ones (however it was spelled) and so I bought the 2 sets. All I had was a $50 and so I handed it over and was given $7 in change. I gave the lady a funny look and asked about the cost again. She had not heard me say each set she had heard only "each" and now that they were in my dd's hair I could not return them. I was PISSED!! But she wouldn't give my my $50 back even when I insisted and said I didn't want the clips. I left fuming to say the least. The killer is that each set is only 5 little clips!! I went back to the hotel fuming. We sat in the room for the next 2-3 hours watching a dvd and resting from the heat of our trip to the mall. My dh called and said they had finally made it into the convention center and was picking up all of the items he had pre ordered that were show exclusives. He would call me when they were done and then we would probably go out for dinner with our friends. By 5 I couldn't wait for dinner, though. I was not willing to pay the hotel meal prices, especially when I knew that the girls would not eat the fancy meals that they were providing. So off we went to Wendys around the corner from the hotel. I am so glad I didn't wait for my dh to come back because it was 9 before they got back. They had decided they wanted to go to Hard Rock for dinner. I have been to several of the Hard rock Cafe's but never gotten to eat there due to the lines to get in. As I had eaten just a little bit before, I wasn't all that hungry and only ordered an appetizer to share. It has left me with cravings since then, though!! lol The girls weren't all that hungry, either, having just eaten, but my dh didn't listen and ordered each of them a meal. They both nibbled at fries, but that was it. We should have ordered just a side of fries for them to split. He insisted on taking the food back to the hotel for them to eat later. Unfortunately, he didn't realize that there was no way to warm the food in our room and so most of it got tossed the day we left for home. I was so happy to finally go to bed that night. Unfortunately our children decided that the beds weren't big enough for mommy and daddy to sleep together and climbed one into each bed and insisted we had to sleep with them. There was no disuading them. I got the 5 year old. She kicked all the covers off every time I would cover her back up and so I never could keep the covers up to my shoulder the way I would have liked. My dh had turned the thermostat in the room all the way down to 55 so we needed those covers too!!

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