Thursday, June 8, 2006

So yesterday I went to my first OB appointment and chatted about all my concerns. I have to say I didn't expect the doc to be so young! He can't be much older than I am. He was very nice and really set me at ease. We chatted about everything from my diet and exercise to medicines I can and can't take for my migraines. Did the routine exam (yuck) and gave me a slip to go get lab work done. I decided to wait and have the lab work done on base since I have to get the TB test read there on Friday anyhow. All in all it was a very routine visit. I didn't get an ultrasound done though, that will be done on July 7th before my next appointment. I should be about 10 weeks along by then. It will also mean that there may be a heartbeat to be heard! That is when pregnancy truly becomes real!! Hearing that extra heartbeat is absolutely amazing! With my oldest, that was actually the first thing that showed I was pregnant, not a blood test!

I walked out of the appointment at a little after 4 pm and was STARVING! I was on my way to costco for eggs though, so what a better way to assage those hunger pangs than to try all the samples! hehe! It actually worked out quite nicely cause I wasn't too full and by the time I got home I was ready for dinner. Unfortunately my dh had only made mac and cheese with corn in in! ? Not ideal for my diet. There was nothing else that I could make for dinner that searved only 1 person, though, so I ate it anyways. It didn't last long, though. That is my only problem with pasta. I ended up pulling out some veggies and cream cheese to snack on, and then opted to top the whole thing off with a TB of Peanut butter. mmmmm. Peanut butter!

Today was a long day though. It started out fine but I didn't want to get outta bed this morning. Then I started feeling nauseated with my lunch only to top it off with the beginnings of a migraine this afternoon after my oldest got home from school. An aleve held it at bay, but it really left me feeling whipped all evening. I didn't go to curves, I still have tomarrow to get 3 workouts in this week. Then on to a very busy weekend schedual. I have a birthday party to attend for a 1 year old tomarrow evening, then a combined party for 3 guys my dh works with on sat afternoon. And somewhere in there housing maintenance is coming to look at the leak in the roof, the leaky toilet, the cracked window and the window that won't open, and then I have portraits to do for a friends son who is a senior this year. I have to get those done before Sunday cause she wants photos with her dd in them too and the dd leaves for Tuscon on Sunday.

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