Monday, July 31, 2006


I have been procrastinating. Sorry! It is a real fight to make myself sit at the computer for very long. And I am exceptionally tired of the computer tonite after editing 75+ senior portraits so I could get them back to the parents of the senior. I am hoping that I will fel up to it tomarrow, though. I still have a set of wedding photos to edit and get to the couple, too!! Ack!! They aren't worried about it, but I want to get it done and then I can relax about it.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

newest lo's for Scrappin' by design

July 7th ultrasound

San Diego Trip - Day 1

Every year since we moved to California we have tried to attend the international Comic Con in San Diego. This year was no exception. It is a LONG drive though. We left our house between 5 and 6 am. From the outset my tummy was not feeling well. I have been really lucky with this pregnancy and only been slight queasy at the worst of times. This trip was not going to be so nice. UGH! I was nibbling on saltines before we had even reached the highway. Not a good sign. I did manage to keep from being sick all the way past LA (about 4 to 5 hours into the trip) I think what put me over the edge was accepting a bite of my dh's oatmeal raisin cookie, though. and of course by empting my stomach contents and not immediately putting something dry into it to prevent the bile from building up, again, I was back to that queasy feeling again soon. We were close to our destination, though, so I was soon able to go lay down and rest my stomach. My dh left the room within 20 minutes of our arrival to attend preview night of the convention. He had the wonderful experience of sitting in line for a full 4 hours waiting just to get his id badge for the show!! How fun!
I laied down on the bed in our room but really didn't get any kind of rest as the girls were insistant they need to play with the balcony door. We were on the floor above a patio that receptions were held on. The sun came in our window and it was so hot out that it made our room into a broiler. After about an hour, I finally gave up trying to rest and took the girls on an adventure to explore the mall that was 3 blocks away. We found ourselves a nice healthy lunch of Ben and Jerry's :) and then explored the 4 story outdoor maze. I got ripped off at one of the little kiosk vendors! I was looking for a hair band to keep my younger dd's hair back out of her face and the ladies started putting clips into her hair since they didn't have any bands that would work for the task. I asked "How much?" and was told $20. I said "for each set?" and was told no, total for the 2 sets they had put into my dd's hair. I said okay, kinda expensive but they were the swarkove crystal ones (however it was spelled) and so I bought the 2 sets. All I had was a $50 and so I handed it over and was given $7 in change. I gave the lady a funny look and asked about the cost again. She had not heard me say each set she had heard only "each" and now that they were in my dd's hair I could not return them. I was PISSED!! But she wouldn't give my my $50 back even when I insisted and said I didn't want the clips. I left fuming to say the least. The killer is that each set is only 5 little clips!! I went back to the hotel fuming. We sat in the room for the next 2-3 hours watching a dvd and resting from the heat of our trip to the mall. My dh called and said they had finally made it into the convention center and was picking up all of the items he had pre ordered that were show exclusives. He would call me when they were done and then we would probably go out for dinner with our friends. By 5 I couldn't wait for dinner, though. I was not willing to pay the hotel meal prices, especially when I knew that the girls would not eat the fancy meals that they were providing. So off we went to Wendys around the corner from the hotel. I am so glad I didn't wait for my dh to come back because it was 9 before they got back. They had decided they wanted to go to Hard Rock for dinner. I have been to several of the Hard rock Cafe's but never gotten to eat there due to the lines to get in. As I had eaten just a little bit before, I wasn't all that hungry and only ordered an appetizer to share. It has left me with cravings since then, though!! lol The girls weren't all that hungry, either, having just eaten, but my dh didn't listen and ordered each of them a meal. They both nibbled at fries, but that was it. We should have ordered just a side of fries for them to split. He insisted on taking the food back to the hotel for them to eat later. Unfortunately, he didn't realize that there was no way to warm the food in our room and so most of it got tossed the day we left for home. I was so happy to finally go to bed that night. Unfortunately our children decided that the beds weren't big enough for mommy and daddy to sleep together and climbed one into each bed and insisted we had to sleep with them. There was no disuading them. I got the 5 year old. She kicked all the covers off every time I would cover her back up and so I never could keep the covers up to my shoulder the way I would have liked. My dh had turned the thermostat in the room all the way down to 55 so we needed those covers too!!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Really bad

I have been awful about keeping up with this whole blog thing. lol. I was always bad about keeping a journal when I was in school too. I promised though, to keep up with it for a friend, so she could be a part of my pregnancy. I need to just take time first thing every morning , just like checking email every day. lol

Since last month...

Tons has happened. We had an ultrasound done on July 7 and we discovered that I got pregnant on the exact day that I thought I did... only 2 days after my IUD was removed. hehe!! I will try to get the pics up soon. Of course they couldn't tell me what I am having since I was only 11 weeks pregnant. They did tell me that my due date is Jan. 28th. 3 days before my dh's birthday. The technician that did tease that the baby was doing the "boy" thing with its hands down in its croch. lol. We took our girls with us to the ultrasound and they were so tickled about getting to watch as the baby seemed to be waving to them. Afterwards, we all went out to eat at the Olive Garden for lunch.

The next day my mother in law, sister in law and nephew all flew into LAX from Milwaukee. The flight was supposed to arrive at 9 am but was delayed repeatedly and didn't even leave Milwaukee until noon. Of course my dh had already left for the airport when we discovered this info and so he ended up spending the afternoon at a shopping center near LAX with our 9 year old, while I was home CLEANING!! UGH! What do you do!!

Any visit from my MIL is action packed (and contains lots of food). I think we only spent 1 day where we weren't in the car for less than 4 hours. We went to Pismo Beach and saw Pirates of the Caribean, then went to the beach and took some ever so sweet photos of my dds and sil's son. The next day we went to Ojai (about 100 miles south of us) for me to see a VA designated doc for my back. On the way home we stopped in Santa Barbara and tried to find a scrapbook store that I know is there. No such luck, though. We stopped for dinner at a great mexican resturant in Lompoc. The following morning, we took the car to town and had new tires installed on it, then went home, packed everyone into the car and van and drove to the Monterey Peninsula. We drive the 101 which is an inland highway, and it was blazing hot!! This would have been fine but I was in a vehicle without a/c. In Monterey we met up with one of my online friends and went out to eat at Bubba Gumps. YUMMY!! This pregnant lady had been craving some steak and shrimp and that meal was just the ticket!!

Unfortunately my friend wasn't able to join us as we went to the aquarium the next morning. We wanted to go early because we had our dog in the hotel room and she had an appointment coming in to sign paperwork for her business. She and I did get conversation started about going to a convention in the Bay area in August though!! I am still hashing out the possibility of going with dh. This year is much easier for me to go than next year when the baby will be 6 months old.

The aquarium was absolutely fascinating!! I am looking forward to going again when we have more time to enjoy it. I felt rather rushed as we had to get back to the dog before checkout time. Once we picked the dog up, we went back to walk down fishermans wharf. There were several sealions to be seen at a distance, and one sitting just below the wharf that scared the daylights out of us as we were standing almost directly over top of him when he started to call his friends. lol We left from there to drive highway 1 back to San Luis Obispo and home. I have heard wonderful things about highway 1. How it is a beautiful scenic drive, yadda, yadda, yadda. No one bothers to tell about how you are practically driving on the edge of a cliff face and full of hair pin turns!! I don't know if I could have stood someone else driving the vehicle I was in. I did between 20 and 30 for most of the drive. It took us 8 hours to get home. Granted we stopped several times to take photos and things like that, but my sister in law and I would cheer when we had managed to go 10 miles in 30 some minutes. lol Near the end of our drive we passed Hearst Castle and San Simeon. There we were lucky enough to catch sight of the Elephant Seals that will beach there to bread and molt at different times of the year. They weren't very active, but it was fascinating seeing them so close that we could have tossed something down onto them.

Then next morning we packed my mother in law, sister in law and nephew up into the van and dh drove them back to LAX to fly home. I was exhausted!! I was glad to stay home and nap on the couch all afternoon. lol

I will tell you all about last week later. We went to San Diego and the internation Comic Con!!

Thursday, June 8, 2006

Scrappin by design layouts

So yesterday I went to my first OB appointment and chatted about all my concerns. I have to say I didn't expect the doc to be so young! He can't be much older than I am. He was very nice and really set me at ease. We chatted about everything from my diet and exercise to medicines I can and can't take for my migraines. Did the routine exam (yuck) and gave me a slip to go get lab work done. I decided to wait and have the lab work done on base since I have to get the TB test read there on Friday anyhow. All in all it was a very routine visit. I didn't get an ultrasound done though, that will be done on July 7th before my next appointment. I should be about 10 weeks along by then. It will also mean that there may be a heartbeat to be heard! That is when pregnancy truly becomes real!! Hearing that extra heartbeat is absolutely amazing! With my oldest, that was actually the first thing that showed I was pregnant, not a blood test!

I walked out of the appointment at a little after 4 pm and was STARVING! I was on my way to costco for eggs though, so what a better way to assage those hunger pangs than to try all the samples! hehe! It actually worked out quite nicely cause I wasn't too full and by the time I got home I was ready for dinner. Unfortunately my dh had only made mac and cheese with corn in in! ? Not ideal for my diet. There was nothing else that I could make for dinner that searved only 1 person, though, so I ate it anyways. It didn't last long, though. That is my only problem with pasta. I ended up pulling out some veggies and cream cheese to snack on, and then opted to top the whole thing off with a TB of Peanut butter. mmmmm. Peanut butter!

Today was a long day though. It started out fine but I didn't want to get outta bed this morning. Then I started feeling nauseated with my lunch only to top it off with the beginnings of a migraine this afternoon after my oldest got home from school. An aleve held it at bay, but it really left me feeling whipped all evening. I didn't go to curves, I still have tomarrow to get 3 workouts in this week. Then on to a very busy weekend schedual. I have a birthday party to attend for a 1 year old tomarrow evening, then a combined party for 3 guys my dh works with on sat afternoon. And somewhere in there housing maintenance is coming to look at the leak in the roof, the leaky toilet, the cracked window and the window that won't open, and then I have portraits to do for a friends son who is a senior this year. I have to get those done before Sunday cause she wants photos with her dd in them too and the dd leaves for Tuscon on Sunday.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Starting a blog

As I said before my friend started her blog the other day and sent me a link to it so I could check it out. It dawned on me as I looked at hers that this is a great way to share the experience of my pregnancy with another friend of mine. So here is where it begins I guess.

Tomarrow is my first appointment with the doctor for this pregnancy. Sure I am only somewhere between 4 and 6 weeks along. The nurse even commented on the fact that it is unusual to seek out prenatal care that early in pregnancy, but I fight with migraines and I really don't want to gain weight in this pregnancy. I know, no woman EVER wants to gain weight when they get pregnant, but my situation is a bit beyond average. I started my first pregnancy at 150 approximately. Then I lost around 30-35 pounds thanks to a doctor who couldn't give me a straight answer as to whether I was pregnant or not! lol He tested me for everything but pregnancy over the course of the next 10 weeks. By the time he gave up I was very sick looking. His boss took one look at my chart and told me exactly what was wrong with me without ordering a test! He found an extra heartbeat instead! lol. Never expect much from a physicians assistant! I ended the pregnancy at almost 200, though because I gained all the weight I had lost back plus all the weight you should gain in a pregnancy! Lucky me!
Pregnancy with my second child was much easier. But I started it at 180 and finished at nearly 230. What can I say I was sitting 6-7 hours every day for college lectures and the only exercise I got was the walk to and from my car. It was actually a good long walk every day, almost a mile and a half, but I was not walking fast enough to get my heart rate up. No weight lost after delivery either! Great!
Now I start #3 and am at 220. I really don't need to go up to 250 or more with this one. Plus gestational diabeties are a concern this time around. I am hoping that Curves will help. I am doing my workouts 3-4 days a week, but I am hoping that the doctor can suggest some dietary help for me to prevent much weight gain or even some possible healthy ways to lose weight while I am pregnant. Fingers are crossed.
I am also hoping that he will have some migraine medication that I can take while I am pregnant. This is going to be a long 9 months if I can't take any medication for my head. I am excited, though, as I understand that the doctor likes to do an ultrasound at the first appointment. I get to take my first glimpse at this new addition to our family. I am so excited about that part!

Slowly figuring this blog thing out. hehe!! It is helpful having a friend going through it with me.

Scrap street digital kits

Scrappin by design digital lo's

Well I thought I would add my lo's here, but it isn't letting me add anymore. Maybe another day. lol. At least I got my scrap street in. Next set I try to add will be all my scrappin by design lo's. Maybe I will play around and combine all my digital lo's into one slide show. We will see!

Sunday, June 4, 2006

June 4, 2006

A friend of mine started a blog and it inspired me to begin one myself. I had been asked to keep a journal of my pregnancy and I realized what better way to keep the journal and create easy access to it that to keep it in a blog! Now she is gonna have to keep on me to keep writing in it!